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Introduction - You are thinking of creating a ringtone for your name or you want to install a system to create ringtones in your app. It is very easy to use Now you can make the text ringtone in only one voice. This extension works on any of the app inventors. Below is the details of how to use this extension.
At this time, in this file you have learned how to change the text to ringtone and how to set the ringtone, you have to use text as well as the extension of the text. For this you have to download the file and put it in the app inventor. Many extensions have been used in it like -
  1. Colin Tree Listview
  2. Text to Mp3 file converter
  3. Set Ringtone Extension
  4. Graphic Design

Extension Features

  • Easy to use
  • make own text to mp3
  • set path for mp3 save
  • mp3 file name create
  • set pitch of audio
  • set Speech rate

How to use Text To Mp3 Convert Extension?

You must import this extension in your app to use the extension. Now you have to take a text box and a button, then in the block section, set the text box text to the block call of the extension in the text of the text and set it on the button click. Now if you do the test then the text of the app will begin to play. If you want to convert the text to MP3 then create a Save button in the Design section, then the extension's call save mp3 file In the block, the text box text must be set and the folder name must be typed and then the file name will be typed. If you wish, by taking a block of saved files, you can also locate the file.

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