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Material Ui Extension with BottomAppBarElevation

When present, floating action buttons (FABs) are displayed on bottom app bars in one among two ways

Material UI Extension for App Inventor
  • Inset: The FAB is at an equivalent elevation because the bottom app bar, and therefore the bar shape transforms to let the FAB dock during a notch carved into rock bottom app bar.
  • Overlap: The FAB is at a better elevation than rock bottom app bar, and has no effect on the bar’s shape
  • Use an inset to extend the visual prominence of a FAB or accentuate customized element shapes. ask the Theming section for more guidance on inset FAB during a bottom app bar.
  • Material UI (Android design UI) Extension

Material UI Extension menu bar opening

  • To support the intent of various sections of an app, the layout and actions of a bottom app bar are often changed to suit each screen.
  • For example, screens can display more or fewer actions according to what suits the screen content best.

How to use Material UI Extension?

  • Simply login on your App Inventor like kodular, Appybuilder and Thunkable etc.
  • Then create a new project or import demo aia file.
  • if you not use demo so you need to import Material UI Extension.
  • This extension is not visible so you can set it using block part.

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