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 Keystore for Android App: In this session, we discuss Keystore file. If you are an Android developer, you will have to perform Keystore for your Android apps. So today I have brought to you the answers to many questions about the Keystore.

What is the use of Keystore?

KeyStore is a type of certificate that helps to publish applications on the Google play store or other stores. If you are developing an Android application for the Google Play console, you will need to create a SHA1 certificate for your application. And the SHA1 certificate is available in a Keystore.

When you are going to publish an Android app in the Google Play console, you have to attach a Keystore to your Android app before publishing. If you are building an Android application with Android Studio, then you have proper knowledge about it.

Default Passwords

  • Keystore Password - android
  • Keystore Alias - androidkey
  • Key Password - android

If you are building applications with open source platforms such as Kodular, Thunkable, Casbic and other platforms, you can get a free built default Keystore and SHA1 certificate according to your Gmail account. So let's know how to download the Keystore.

First of all, create an account with any builder. I am explaining with the Kodular platform. There are lots of videos available in YouTube, how to create an account with kodular? And the sing up system is very easy. You can create an account in between 2 minutes. When you have created an account with kodular, simply open the Creator page. After opening the Coder Creator page, click on the 'Account' option and then click on the 'Settings' option and see the picture below.

When you click on the setting, a popup screen will open as in the image above. You can then check your Keystore for the Android app in the Keystore section. Click Next on the "Export Keystep" option to download the key store. This Keystore file is very small in size around 3kb.

After downloading the Keystore, open it in the Explorer application of the Keystore. Keystore Explorer is the best app for modifying applications and creating a new Keystore for Android apps. The application is available for all operating systems such as Keystore windows, Keystore for Mac, Keystore Linux.

Keystore Explorer Tutorial

First of all download this application in your computer or laptop. Then install it. Open the application after installation and press 'Ctrl + O' to open a file. Then choose your downloaded Keystore file from the file manager.

Here some people are facing a problem with the open details of the Keystore as the password has to be entered. If you are not aware of this and have to enter wrong then a "Keystore was tampered with or password was incorrect" error will be displayed. So you have to enter the correct password for the open Keystore in the app.

How to get Password for Keystore?

Just type 'android' in the lowercase letter in the password box. By default the password for any Keystore is Android. Type it in lowercase letters.

When you type the password, click Enter or OK to open the Keystore details. After opening the Keystore details, you can reset the password, create a .pem file, view SHA1 certificate and file types, and other tasks.

Is there a Keystore?

SHA1 certificate fingerprint in Keystore, type of Keystore format, reset the password, convert. Pem file and other functions are included.

The .pem file is required for changes to the Keystore in the google play console. If your Keystore is lost and you want to upload a new castor to the Google Play console, the first thing you need to do is send the .pem file to the Play Console Support Team.

What are the different Keystore types?

Seven types of Keystore files are available. Such as JKS, JCEKS, PKCS # 12, BKS-V1, BKS, BCFKS, UBER. But the common purposes we are using the JKS android Keystore file in the application.

You can change your Keystore file type as per your requirement. How to find the Keystore file type in the Keystore Explorer application. See the image below.

How to Change Keystore Password?

    Password resetting is a very easy step for any Keystore. After opening the Keystore click on the "tool" option, click on the "set Keystore password" option or press the "Ctrl + P" button. When you click on it, a popup dialogue box will open. Next, type the password and re-enter the password. Then click on the "OK" button.

How to find a SHA1 certificate from Keystore?

After opening the Keystore, double click on "Android Key". When you click on it, the SHA1 certificate will open. See the below image for more details.

If you want to enter a .pem file for your Google Play Console account, click the "PEM" option and click the "Export" option. When it is exported it will be downloaded in your file manager. Then you have to send this file to the console support team to change the store. For more information visit our YouTube channel and watch the full video. Here you can also see the SHA1 fingerprint.

If you are building an application with Android Studio and have lost the keystore you created, follow the suggestions above to generate a new default keystore for the Android app. You can customize after keystore. After customizing your keystore, then click "Ctrl + S" or select the "save" option to save the keystore.

Download the Keystore explorer application

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