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 Hello friends, I am satisfied and welcome to online technical support. Today I have brought an AIA file of the Dynamic Shayari App. You can download it for free. We created it using the Airtable database for Shayari or in Kodular to show the quote to the user.

Shayari or Quotes App Aia file for Kodular Download

Shayari or quotes app Aia file for Kodular

Actually, I used the Airtable spreadsheet component in the application. While initializing the screen, we call data from Airtable. Then store the data in a global variable. Next show category and poetry in a list.

To monetize the application, you can use the Admob advertising component, Facebook audience network advertising component, startup or other advertising platforms. Just drag the ad component and drop it on the creator screen. After this, put the advertisement code in the designer part. Then go to the blocky part and do the coding for loads and shows of ads.

Is it suitable for publishing on the Google Play console?

Yes, you can easily publish this type of app in the Google Play console after creation. If you are downloading our AIA file, you will need to change the app icon, image, app name, app package and Keystore to upload the app to the Google Play console. As you must be unique to the Conversation Application Document Console.

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