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In this project, you learn how you can make UPI payment by using the activity start 

UPI Payment without Extension For Kodular | Free aia File

Using 4 Main components

  • Activity initiator (to pay and verify)
  • 2 textboxes (to enter amount and note)
  • 1 tag (to get successful or unsuccessful payment results)
  • Button (to activate activity start)
  • Now blocks the part.

First, you need a global variable to create a 6-digit random order ID for checkout. 

  • Now set the activity action to android.intent.action.VIEW
  • Set the data uri now
  • upi: \ pay? pa = your upi address eg (googlepay @ oksbi) & pn = your name & tr = orderid (use global variable) & mc = 4411 & am = amount & tn = note
  • Now set the activity starter result name = response

  • You can set all such things to button clicks or screen initialize.
  • We will use the button to start the activity.

Now once the activity is over, the time has come to check the results.

Using blocks
After the activity result.
First I use each item and split text block to get the payment status statement ... because the result consists of many things like response code, transaction ID, payment ID and so on.

Then I use the local variable to split the result. Then I use if to split to check if the partition is the object's position and if it is true then I show the result on label1.

Note:- This app completely works with

  • Google Pay
  • Phone Pe
  • Paytm UPI
  • Airtel Pay …

Not working with

  • Amazon Pay

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